[BUNDLE] Boots of Aggression (2023) + Loot Banker

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This is the best AFK combination!

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While the Boots of Aggression are worn they will grant a passive SoulSplit effect as well as cause attackable NPC’s in the area to become hostile and begin attacking you. The effect last 8 hours, and when it has expired they must be recharged by un-equipping them and using the right-click action ‘Recharge‘. The aggro effect can be toggled on/off by toggling your auto retaliate. 


Melee Attack Bonuses: +750/Ranged Attack Bonuses: +1500/Magic Attack Bonuses: +750/Defensive Bonuses +750/ Strength Bonus +500


The Loot Banker will collect your drops and send them straight to your bank! The loot banker also has a fully functional toggle to swap between items being sent to your bank or inventory! This item can also be configured to only collect items at or above your specified threshold!