2k20 Valentine’s Loot Crate



The 2k20 Valentine’s Loot Crates will only be available until the end of February! 

Make sure not to miss out on these EXCLUSIVE rewards. 

Possible Rewards
2k20 Valentines Aura
2k20 Valentines Aura(g)
2k20 Dark Valentines Aura
Lover’s Pendant
Lover’s Pendant(g)
2k20 Valentines Staff
2k20 Rose Wand
2k20 Valentine Cape
2k20 Valentine Cape(g)
Heartseeker Main Hand Pistol
Heartseeker Off Hand Pistol
Love’s Defender
Love’s Defender(g)
Cupid’s Diadem
Cupid’s Chest
Cupid’s Legs
Cupid’s Boots
Cupid’s Wings
Heartseeker Rapier
Heartseeker Bow