[LIMITED/SEASONAL] Halloween Skeleton Sack


This Limited Edition Halloween Exclusive Sack Contains Unique Items!

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The Halloween Skeleton Sack will reward you with one random reward! Scare your friends today! Do you have what it takes to take on the Dark Lord?!

Possible Rewards:


1x-2x Goodie Bags

2x-3x TM Box

2x-3x New American Crates

2x-3x New Villain Crates

2x-4x Booster Boxes

4x-5x Aura Crates

4x-5x Sigil Crates

6x-10x Gem Crates

20x-50x Master Balls

500x-1000x F2P Points


1x Berry Bag

1x Saint Aura

1x Loot Banker

1x Extremely Lucky Ring

1x Dark Lord Scythe

1x Cannon Head Ricochet