Download & Play Nightmare 317

Thank you for wanting to download Nightmare 317! Click your operating system on the links below to get the launcher designed for your computer.

Windows Launcher

For those on 32/64bit Windows – Download the Nightmare 317 Windows launcher.

Mac Launcher

For those on 32/64bit Mac – Download the Nightmare 317 Mac launcher.

Linux Launcher

For those on 32/64bit Linux (Debian, Redhat, Gentoo) – Download the Nightmare 317 Linux launcher.

Java Launcher

Having an issue finding your operating system? Download the Nightmare 317 Java launcher.


Where can I get support?

We have staff able to answer your questions 24/7 on our discord.

Why can’t I open the jar file?

You’ll need to install Java. If you already have Java installed you may need to fix your Jar file association.