Custom Weapon




This includes a custom weapon of your choice, you will be able to design and pick the model.
The following list are details or features of the design that you can have customized with full control(Some limitations apply.)

  • Pick your weapons type/style – Most things can be made from a picture if you are able to find examples of an overall design or specific characteristics you would like in your weapon.
  • Color Palette – Pick the colors you want on your weapon.
  • Player animations while the item is equipped – Idle, Walk, Run, Attack, and defend
  • Custom Texture – Ever wanted to have your own custom Texture? – For a nominal up-charge you can also have a custom texture made and applied to your weapon around the design as desired.
  • Custom Graphics modifiers that can be chosen:
    • Graphics on hit (I.E. Lightning strikes graphic when hitting an enemy)
    • Constant Graphics – A repeated graphical animation on your character such as flames around your feet.
    • Graphics on Equip – When you equip your weapon you would undergo your desired graphical animation.
    • Equip Message – Want people to know you’re a bad ass? Make it automatic! Choose what message your character announces to others when you equip it.
  • Custom item name – Finish your custom item with a unique name personalized for you!